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Celebrity clients

Following the launch of Clinica MCR in July 2017, we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming a number of famous faces through our doors in Manchester. From an established Sky Sports presenter to our very own King of The Jungle, we’ve been lucky enough to put our skills to the test on these celebs.

Barrie McDermott

Rugby legend Barrie McDermott

Former Great Britain international representative prop and Super League Championship winning rugby legend, Barrie McDermott visited the Clinica MCR offices in December 2017. The ex-sportsman was looking for a smile makeover and our cosmetic dental team had the answer. This involved removing old crowns and a 2-week course of the world’s leading whitening system, Enlighten.

You can see Barrie’s before and after treatment shots in the picture above or take a closer look at Barrie’s smile during his rugby show on Sky Sports.

Jamie Lomas

Best known for his portrayal as Warren Fox on Channel 4’s hit soap, Hollyoaks, we welcomed everyone’s favourite bad boy to Clinica MCR for a smile treatment. Following his exit from the show, we got to see Manchester born Jamie take on the Australian Outback in 2017’s I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, but not before he swung by our office to make sure his smile was perfect for the jungle.

We loved watching our King of the jungle, Jamie, battle the elements and look forward to what he has planned next.

Linzey Cocker

Actress, Linzey Cocker popped into Clinica MCR to help make her teeth pearly white in time to film hit BBC comedy, White Gold. Linzey opted for an hour a day, 4-week home whitening course with custom made whitening trays.

Jacob Roberts

Another of Chester’s finest came through the Clinica doors in 2017, Hollyoaks actor Jacob Roberts who plays Damon Kinsella on the show. Just as Jacob started to film his first scenes for the show, he came to Clinica to help boost his smile with a course of Whitewash teeth whitening.

You can learn more about our available whitening treatments by clicking here.

teeth whitening

What is the best way to whiten your teeth?

An Introduction to Teeth Whitening

If you are someone who loves coffee, tea or red wine, chances are your teeth are a little discoloured. You may perceive that teeth whitening with your dentist is very expensive, so you might turn to another form of whitening to get those pearly whites. Obviously, there are lots of teeth whitening products out there, but do they work? Let’s put them to the test.

About Your Teeth

Your teeth are coated with enamel, the hardest substance inside the human body. This is made up of a mineral called Hydroxyapatite. The elements in Hydroxyapatite are bundled together to create crystalline rods which look like this.

Crystalline Rods in Teeth

In-between these rods there are spaces for your coffee, wine, tea and food. Regular brushing and flossing will take care of a lot of substances on your teeth. But when the stains settle into the enamel, you’re going to need something stronger than toothpaste to remove the colouration.

Whitening Strips

For lighter stains, there are whitening strips that can work very well to restore your teeth to a lovely white colour. There are many whitening strips available, and you are able to buy some over the counter, but from our experience these tend to be quite ineffective and can be unsafe and damaging to the teeth. It is much better to speak to a qualified and experienced dentist to buy the best and safest whitening strips available. It is very important that you don’t use whitening strips that contain chlorine dioxide, as you could destroy the enamel on your teeth.

Whitening Toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste has an extra compound compared to normal toothpaste, which is called silica. These abrasives only clean the surface of your teeth. It doesn’t permeate the enamel like other teeth whitening products do. The whitening toothpaste also has a coat of a substance called blue covarine. Blue coverine changes the optical properties of the teeth, acting like a colour correction for your teeth.

In conclusion…

Over the counter products like whitening toothpastes are likely to be safe to use, but just be careful and ensure you purchase them from a company or brand that you trust.

However, we would recommend that any course of teeth whitening, or any teeth whitening strips should be discussed with and purchased from an experienced dentist.

Although the cost of professional whitening may be slightly more than you are offered from a hairdressing salon or online, you pay for the safety of the products and the experience of the dentist. You will undergo regular checks, and will see genuine results. With teeth whitening, it is often a case of ‘if you buy cheap, you buy twice’.

It is also important that your course of teeth whitening is monitored. Some people can react badly to teeth whitening and start to get sensitive gums. If you are whitening with your dentist then they are able to provide you with anti sensitivity gels & toothpastes, and offer expert advice to reduce any sensitivity, as well as understand when it is important to start and stop using these products. Dentists are constantly learning about advances in teeth whitening technology, learning about new products and understanding how to get the very best and safest results for their clients.

If you’re interested in having safe, effective and beautifully whitened teeth, get in touch with Clinica MCR in Manchester. Click over to our Teeth Whitening Page to find out more.

Amy Childs 3D Lipo

Celebrities Love 3D Lipo

You may have heard of the incredible results that can be seen from 3D lipo. It has been a well publicised fat reduction treatment as celebrities such as Patsy Kensit, Amy Childs, Stephanie Davies, Anthony Costa and Olivia Buckman flock to treat those stubborn pockets of fat that no amount of working out or dieting can fix.

Book your free 3D lipo consultation with us today, or read all about this incredible treatment on our 3D lipo page on our website.



Clinica MCR invite to our Launch Party

Launch Event! 13th July

We are delighted to invite you for fizz & canapes at the official launch of our new cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics clinic.

The evening will include:
-Fizz and canapes by Kettlebell Kitchen
-10% discount for treatments booked at the event
-Live demonstrations of our aesthetic treatments
-Gift bags
-Prizes to be won such as 3D Lipo & Anti Wrinkle Injections

We will also be donating to Christies for every check in on social media.

We look forward to welcoming you on Thursday 13th July.


RSVP to if you’d like to attend, or let us know you’re coming on our Facebook event.


New Website

We are delighted to introduce you to our brand new website, showcasing our brand new cosmetic dentistry, facial & body aesthetics clinic in Hulme, Manchester.

Clinica MCR is brought to you by the team who brought you the Windsor Dental surgeries, state of the art dental care in Salford & Hulme.

Please enjoy exploring our new website, ask us any questions in the comments on the blog sections, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to book your free consultation appointment, discuss a treatment, or ask a question. Our friendly and professional team are always here.