3D Lipo Fat Freeze in Manchester

What is 3D Lipo?

Popular amongst many celebrities, 3D lipo treatment offers a three dimensional approach to target and kill fat cells, tighten skin and treat cellulite. It is an innovative new non-surgical procedure which utilises the latest technology to shift those stubborn areas of fatty deposits which are impossible to get rid of from diet or exercise alone.

What areas can 3D lipo treat?

Our expert team will work with you to identify areas of your body that could benefit from the treatment. Areas that can be treated with 3D Lipo are:

  • stomach
  • thighs
  • arms
  • flank/love handles
  • buttocks

So, if you have stubborn areas of fat, and or cellulite that no amount of diet or exercise can shift – 3D liposuction may be the treatment for you.

“3D-lipo has revolutionised the cosmetic medicine industry.”

How long does it take to see results from 3D lipo?

If you want this treatment in advance of an event or holiday, we suggest scheduling your session three months in advance. Results are not visible for at least four weeks. Book a free consultation today and we will create a course of treatment to suit you.

How does 3D lipo work?

Our state of the art 3D lipo freeze machine has four different methods to destroy fat cells. Firstly there is Cryolipolysis. This is the freezing of the fat cells. The extreme cold destroys these fat cells, resulting in ‘apoptosis’, which is known as a ‘natural safe cell death’. These cells will begin to metabolise out of the body post treatment, over a matter of weeks only.

Then there is ultrasound cavitation. This turns the fat cells into liquid which then leave the body naturally. This helps towards the inch loss and helps target those stubborn pockets of fat that are impossible to move in the gym, no matter how hard you try!

3D Lipo suction treatment also uses radio frequency which gives tighter, fresher looking skin. The radio frequency heats the skin tissue which produces new skin collagen.

Finally 3D dermology and radio frequency can then be in combination to drain the broken down fat cells using specially designed vacuum suction and rollers.

Combining these four fat reduction techniques results in reduced fat, improvements in cellulite and tighter skin.

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3D Lipo Prices


Cavitation – 6 Sessions £399 £299
Cavitation – 8 Sessions £499 £399
Radio Frequency – 6 Sessions £399 £299
Radio Frequency – 8 Sessions £499 £399
Cavitation/Radio Frequency Combination – 6 Sessions £549
Cavitation/Radio Frequency Combination – 8 Sessions £699



Cryolipolysis 1 Area £100 £50
Cryolipolysis 2 Areas £189 £99
Cryolipolysis 3 Areas £269 £149
Cryolipolysis 4 Areas £339 £199
Cryolipolysis 5 Areas £399 £249
Cryolipolysis 6 Areas £449 £299
Cryolipolysis 7 Areas £489 £349
Cryolipolysis 8 Areas £499 £399
This incredible treatment finally helped me get rid of my stomach bulge! Easy to do, relatively quick and pain free. I should have gone to them sooner.
Sarah Band


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