Professional Teeth Whitening in Manchester

Having bright, white teeth is the key to feeling your most attractive. Having your teeth whitened can have an amazing effect on your confidence, and is one of the quickest and most effective ways to revolutionise your smile.  It is crucial to whiten teeth safely with a registered dentist and with tested, industry recognised products.  At Clinica MCR, we provide our clients with award-winning teeth whitening treatments from the best brands around the world. Get in touch for a free consultation and we will create a treatment plan that gives you the smile you deserve.

There are four main types of teeth whitening treatments that Clinica Manchester can offer.

Enlighten Whitening

Enlighten is the world’s best-performing teeth whitening system. After 2 weeks of wearing your custom made whitening tray overnight, plus 1 power treatment at the Clinica Manchester clinic, teeth can be whitened by up to 16 shades. Enlighten is the only whitening system to guarantee Vita Shade B1 for every client, and there is no need to worry about sensitivity. Enlighten treatments have a neutral PH at use, so you get guaranteed long-lasting results with low sensitivity. What is more, during your treatment you do not have to make any changes to your diet or to your lifestyle.

Laser Whitening

We are now offering Laser Whitening treatment, which is a fast and effective whitening procedure that takes place in the dentist chair during a 1 hour appointment. It is a 45-minute treatment which uses a whitening gel in combination with a BEAM whitening lamp, for maximum results in minimal time. To complete the treatment, you will also receive a take-home whitening kit which gives you a lasting, bright & white smile.

Clinica Manchester Whitening

Another teeth whitening option for our clients is our bespoke ‘Clinica Manchester Whitening’ treatment. This can work really well for teeth that are heavily stained which need a more intensive course of treatment. This treatment involves wearing custom-made whitening trays for 1 hour a day for 4 weeks, so it is minimally disruptive to your schedule.

Professional Whitewash Whitening Strips

For clients with lighter staining, Whitewash teeth whitening strips may be a suitable and very affordable option. Whitewash laboratories are an award-winning provider of whitening products that have been developed and formulated by UK dentists. The strips are mouldable plastic strips which are applied to the teeth for 1 hour a day for 2 weeks. The strips contain the optimum amount of whitening gel which is applied to the teeth and brightens up smiles within 14 days. Included in this course of treatment is a silver particle whitening toothpaste and a whitening toothbrush which prolong the effects of teeth whitening.

Our expert cosmetic dentists will recommend the best whitening treatments for you and for your teeth. Book in for a free consultation today and we can discuss which of these methods will give you the very best results.

Years of smoking and eating the wrong foods wrecked my teeth. I always wanted pearly white and now I have them. Highly recommend Clinica.
Priya Chopra


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